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Moles are small animals that have pointy snouts, small eyes and ears, and have short arms.  They have long paws that allow them to dig holes in the ground.  Moles range in color, and may appear black, brown, or gray.


Location and Behavior Patterns: 

Identification of moles on your property is usually first noticed by piles of dirt that you see around your yard, in your garden, or in your flowerbeds.  These piles of dirt are often in lines.  Although moles and many are not dangerous to people, they can create destruction on your property.  The holes they create can destroy the roots of grass, shrubs, plants, and other vegetation around your property.  Like most animals, they can bite, but do not do that unless they feel threatened.  Moles generally stay deep in the ground, so contact with them is rare.

Moles are most active during quiet times.  They are often digging their holes in the early morning or in the later evening.  They eat insects, earthworms, grubs, and other pests that are located in the soil.


Insecticides are effective when trying to rid your property of bothersome moles.  Your pest control specialist has the equipment and the best insecticides to take care of your problematic mole situation.

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