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Bats are generally black, red, brown, gray, or yellowish in color.  This winged animal has big ears, small eyes, and sharp teeth.  They are approximately 2-3” long, and have a wingspan of about 8-15 inches.  There are multiple species of bats that are located throughout the state of Florida.


Location and Behavior Patterns: 

Bats will roost just about anywhere.  They can be found among tree limbs, in tree cavities, along utility poles, in sheds, houses, businesses, and anywhere that provides some degree of protection.  They may travel alone, in pairs, or in groups.  Bats and others are nocturnal and will be most active during the evening and nighttime hours.  Because they eat insects, they can be very beneficial to our society.  In fact, one bat can eat hundreds of insects in one night, which helps keep the insect population down quite significantly.  Bats can often be seen during the twilight hours, and later, as they fly above our heads, feasting on their prey.


Unless bats are in your home, or around somewhere else on your property that is too close for comfort, then it is best to leave them alone, so they will help to eat the insects.  However, if removal of bats is needed, it is best to contact your pest control specialist for treatment.  Bats do carry diseases, such as rabies, so someone unfamiliar with handling a bat, should not ever attempt to touch one.

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