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Armadillos vary greatly in size and in color.  The fairy armadillo measures about 6 inches in length, while the giant armadillo can be up to five feet in length.  They are typically pink, gray, or brown in color, and they are distinguishable by their hard, banded shell.  The armadillo has a pointy nose, small eyes, and has small, wiry hairs along the sides of their body and along their belly.


Location and Behavior: 

Armadillos can be found throughout the entire state of Florida, although they are not native to the area.  They are mostly nocturnal animals, so they will be more active during the nighttime hours.  Armadillos are great diggers, and they create their homes in burrows in the ground.  Their burrows are usually about 7-8” in diameter and can be about 15 feet in length.  They will dig their burrows in places that provide some protection, such as underneath brush piles, around tree stumps, or even around a home’s air conditioning unit.

Armadillos and most animals will usually not move at all, when a person, or a pet, is in close proximity, but they will claw or bite a person or pet, if they feel threatened.  They have been known to carry diseases, such as leprosy and rabies, which can be very problematic for humans or for family pets.


If you suspect an armadillo, or more, on your property, contact your pest control specialist.  Traps can be used to catch this bothersome pest.

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