Sod Webworm

Sod Webworm

Sod Webworm Information


The Sod Webworm is usually light tan or gray in color. They usually have dark, black spots across their bodies, and they have a dark brown head. They have a narrow shape, and they are about ¾”-1” in length. The name “Sod Webworm” derives from the silk webbing that is found in their burrows, where they often rest during the daylight hours.

Sod Webworm

Location and Behavior Patterns:

You can often tell if you have a Sod Webworm infestation, if you see brown patches of grass on your lawn, or if you notice grass blades that seem partially chewed. If you have many Sod Webworms, then they can destroy large patches of grass in a very short amount of time.

The Sod Webworm is the larvae stage of the lawn moth. They will feed on grass leaves that are right near the soil surface. They will also feed on plants and ornamental turf, too. Sod
Webworms are most active pest from Spring to Fall, and they thrive in warm, dry weather conditions.


Insecticides are effective against this bothersome, plant-destructive pest. Your pest control technician has the insecticide and the proper equipment to help rid your lawn of Sod Webworms.

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