spider beetle

Spider Beetle

Spider Beetle Information


Adult Spider Beetles resemble a spider, thus where they earned their name.  Their “humped” appearance is quite distinguishable.  They are reddish-brown in color, and they have small hairs along their head and thorax.  They also have long legs and antennae.  The larvae of the Spider Beetles are white in color and are curved in shape. 

spider beetle

Location and Behavior Patterns:

Adult Spider Beetles are most active at night.  They are attracted to grain, flour, moldy foods, bird nests, and rodent feces.  An infestation of Spider Beetles may mean that you have a rodent problem, so a thorough investigation is important.

The female Spider Beetle will lay her eggs among food items and the hatched larvae will feed on the surrounding items.  Affected food items need to be discarded, and are not appropriate for human consumption.


Inspection is a top priority with Spider Beetles, because it is important to locate all of the places where they are located, or where they have been. It is important to locate all affected areas, in order to treat them accordingly.  Insecticide is very effective, followed with a thorough cleaning of the affected area, as well as discarding items that have been affected.

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