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Chinch Bugs

Chinch Bugs

Appearance Of Chinc Bugs: 

Chinch bugs are black in color, with white wings that are very shiny.  They range in size, from 1/10”-1/8”.  The nymphs are reddish-pink and have white stripes on their backs.

Location and Behavior Patterns: 

Chinch bugs are a year-round problem throughout southern Florida.  They can kill grass, by sucking on the moisture in the grass blades.  Once they suck the grass of moisture, they can then inject a toxin into the grass blades, which also aids in killing the grass.  Grass that is infested with Chinch bugs will look as if it were in a drought, and you may see Chinch bugs flying just above the surface of the grass.

Chinch bugs are not dangerous to people or pets, but they are harmful to yards.  The property owner may even have to replace grass that has been invaded by Chinch bugs.  This type of pest is especially attracted to St. Augustine grass.

Treatment And Extermination For Chinch Bugs: 

Insecticides work well against Chinch bugs.  There are a variety of insecticides that are effective.  Your pest control technician will use either insecticide spray or pellets, in order to eliminate your lawn of this pesky pest.  Once the Chinch bugs are gone, then you can tend to your lawn again, in order to create a healthy environment.

Chinch Bugs