Powderpost Beetle

Powderpost Beetle

Powderpost Beetle Information

Appearance of Powderpost Beetles:

Powderpost beetles are approximately 1/8”-3/4” in length.  They have narrow, thin bodies, and they are usually brown or black in color.

Powderpost Beetle

Location and Behavior Patterns:

Sometimes difficult to detect, the Powderpost beetle is often detected by the frass that it leaves behind. Frass is composed of small particles of dust-like material that is made up of tiny wood particles and feces.  It may resemble the appearance of powder, hence the namesake of this beetle. 

Powderpost beetles will bore into wooden structures and lay their eggs.  The larvae then hatch and begin to eat the wood.  As they grow, and turn into adult beetles, they will make they way out of the wooden structure, thus leaving a small, visible hole, and plenty of frass around the point of emergence.  This whole process may take a couple of years; thus, the beetle has been eating on the same wooden structure all of that time.  Significant structural damage may occur, due to this process.

Treatment For Beetles In Florida

If you suspect the presence of Powderpost beetles within your home, then treatment by a pest control specialist is recommended, and it should be done with immediate attention.  Direct treatment of the affected area by pests, as well as repair projects for the damage that has been done already, will be required. If there are other pantry pests that are cuasing you problems you can view all pantry pests here.

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