Gray leaf spot

Gray Leaf Spot

Gray Leaf Spot Information


Gray Leaf Spot is recognizable by the browning, or yellowing, of grass blades.  A cottony-type appearance may be seen on the grass blades, as well, which makes the spots look gray.  Patches of Gray Leaf Spot tend to take on an oval, or elongated, pattern.

Gray leaf spot

Location and Behavior Patterns:

Gray Leaf Spot is most common in annual or perennial rye grasses, tall fescue grass, and St. Augustine grass, among others.  It is caused by a fungus called Pyricularia grisea.  Gray Leaf Spot thrives in weather that is warm, moist, and humid.  It may grow very rapidly, especially if not treated in a timely manner.  It spreads easily across the expanse of a lawn, by foot traffic, mowers, wind, or many other forms of transportation.  Gray Leaf Spot, like most fungi, is very harmful to growing grass, and can kill the grass if not addressed appropriately.  Too much Gray Leaf Spot will make a lawn appear as if it were in a drought.


Fungicide is effective for treating Gray Leaf Spot, especially alternating through a couple of different types of fungicide.  In addition, ridding your lawn of thatch, aerating the soil, and controlling any chinch bug infestations, will aid in preventing, or eliminating, Gray Leaf Spot, as well.

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