Oriental Cockroach

Oriental Cockroach Information


The Oriental cockroach is black in color, and has two narrow wings that enable the roach to fly.  They are known for being good, strong flyers.  At full maturity, they are about 1” in length.

Location and Behavior Patterns: 

This type of cockroach is mainly located in northern states, and is not as popular in Florida, as some other breeds are; however, when they are spotted in Florida, they tend to prefer being outside.  They like warmth and moisture, and are often located underneath piles of wood, in piles of leaves, and around outdoor sheds or dog houses.  If they do enter a home or commercial property, they tend to stay in a crawl space, a basement, or maybe even in an attic.

Unlike most other cockroaches, the Oriental cockroach is attracted to light, and even though they are more active during the night, when they are looking for food, they do not shy away from a noticeable light source.  This species is omnivorous, like most other cockroaches, too; however, they are most attracted to sweet smelling flowers and fruits.


The Oriental cockroach does carry a significant number of bacteria around, so treatment to an affected area is vital for limiting exposure to unwanted illnesses.  Direct treatment to the places where they tend to hide is the best practice, as well as treating them directly, when spotted.

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