Australian Cockroach

Australian Cockroach Information


The Australian cockroach is brown, with a tint of red and yellow markings along its’ back and head.  They are approximately 1-1/4” in length, and they have wings, which allows them the ability to fly.

Location and Behavior Patterns:

Like many cockroaches, the Australian cockroach is attracted to moisture and warmth.  They are very common throughout the state of Florida.  When found outside, they tend to live in areas that provide protection, such as; in piles of leaves or mulch, in flower beds, under loose bark on trees, or under rocks.  They will enter a home through cracks in construction materials, especially in crawl spaces or attics.

The Australian cockroach is nocturnal, but may be seen during the day, because they are attracted to light.  They will feed on items found in trash cans, unattended pet food, leftover food and crumbs, and they have also been known to eat soft materials, like stacks of clothes and papers.


You can help prevent this type of cockroach from entering your home by sealing any crack in the foundation or in other building materials, as well as monitoring potential places for them to live in your yard.  Direct treatment of their harboring areas is recommended, as well as regular inspections, identifications, and property treatment.

Ensure proper cleaning of surfaces where the Australian cockroach has been spotted, because they carry bacteria that may be harmful to humans.

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