Brown Banded Cockroach

Brown Banded Cockroach Information


The Brown Banded cockroach is approximately ½” long and can be identified by the light-colored bands that run down their dark brown bodies.  They also have easily identifiable wings.

Location and Behavior Patterns:

Unlike most other cockroaches species, the Brown Banded cockroach can tolerate a much drier environment.  They still prefer warmth, but they do not need the large amount of moisture that some other cockroaches need.  They are typically nocturnal, but they may be seen during the day, if they are seeking a food source. 

Since they are attracted to dry environments, they may be spotted in places such as the attic, underneath furniture, on book cases, or in a food pantry.  They are particularly drawn to cardboard, paper, and the glue on things like book bindings and underneath wallpaper.


Like other cockroaches, the Brown Banded cockroach can carry a lot of bacteria and germs on their legs, which can be transmitted into your home.  Cleaning food surfaces, particularly, will help to minimize any exposure of the unwanted bacteria.  Limiting food sources for the cockroaches is also recommended, as well as sealing all construction cracks in your home.  Regular treatment and routine inspections are helpful, when it comes to controlling this pest in, and around, your home.

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