Tawny Ant

Tawny Ant Information


The Tawny ant is approximately 1/8” in length and is the color of dark red or brown.  They have uniquely long antennae.  They are sometimes referred to as the Raspberry ant or the Crazy ant.

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Location and Behavior Patterns:

Tawny ants were just discovered in the early 2000’s and have made quite a name for themselves ever since.  They have an unusual attraction to electrical wiring, and they have been known to short circuit many electrical units.  They do not usually create their nests indoors, but they may come in when they are searching for food or water.  Outside, they can create their nests almost anywhere.  They do not build the typical mound or home like other white footed ants do, but they can form their nests easily under flower pots, along pavement, in soil, under a rock, or really, just about anywhere.  This ant is known for its’ perseverance.  It is also known for its’ chaotic, disorderly type of movement. 

The Tawny ant is an omnivore, which means that it will feed on plants and fruits, as well as on the bodies of dead insects or small animals.


Identification and prevention is the best treatment for this aggressive ant, because it is important for you to protect your electrical equipment, as well as limit the chance that this ant will carry disease into your home.  A professional is well-equipped to provide the best bait and prevention of this pesky nuisance.

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