White-Footed Ant

White Footed Ant Information


White-footed ants are approximately 1/8” in length and they are dark brown or black in color.  The exception in their dark coloring is the pale yellow or white that they have on all six of their feet.  They are also distinguishable by having a one-segmented waist.

white footed ants

Location and Behavior Patterns:

White-footed ants mainly create their nests outside, usually in places like mulch beds, underneath bark on tree trunks, in potted plants, or in piles of things, such as firewood or lumber.  They can enter a building through small cracks and openings like other pests.  If they are inside, they are usually looking for sweet things, such as foods on a kitchen counter or sweet-smelling liquids in a bathroom. 


This type of ant can create ant colonies that consist of thousands of ants.  They can be a real nuisance ant, especially in warm climates, such as in the state of Florida.  The best way to keep these ants at bay is to treat the premises on a regular basis, particularly in the rainy season and in the hotter months.  Although this ant is not dangerous for people and does not tend to cause property damage, they can be a real problem, simply because of the number of ants in one colony.

As a homeowner or property owner, it is also important to limit the mulch that is adjacent to your building, as well as piles of lumber, firewood, and things like that, on your property.

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