Annual Termite Renewals

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With annual Termite Renewals West Palm Beach, you will not have to think about the word: Termites. It’s a word no homeowner wants to hear, because when they do, it conjures up images of destruction to their property. For them, this means stress, hassle, and expense. These wood-destroying insects chew through millions of dollars each year in south Florida alone, causing damage to walls, floors, frames, furniture and more. Colonies can grow quickly, and in no time, these pests have become your worst nightmare. Florida Environmental Pest Management is here to help with your annual termite renewals West Palm Beach today.

Annual Termite Renewals West Palm Beach

We offer different termite treatment and control plans that we can customize for your home, and each is bonded to ensure long-term protection from termites. We specialize in eliminating and controlling dampwood, drywood, formosan, and subterranean termites, as well as taking preventative measures to ensure these destructive pests won’t return. Our warranted treatments include liquid defense mechanisms using a “trench and drench” approach for subterranean termites, as well as a no-tent strategy for eliminating drywood termites indoors. Our annual termite renewals West Palm Beach termite treatments are fast-acting and guaranteed effective, eliminating colonies rapidly so you can rest easy with the knowledge that your home is no longer under attack. Each of our treatment plans comes with a warranty, just in case the termites decide to make a re-appearance. For subterranean termite treatments, our bonds are guaranteed for the life of the house. Once a treatment is applied, if any termites return, we’ll come back and re-treat for no additional charge. With drywood spot treatments, we offer a 5-year warranty that covers any treated areas. Don’t let termites ruin your biggest investment. Call our family-owned and operated business, Florida Environmental Pest Management, for a free consultation to see how we can help you eliminate or prevent termite infestations. Our trained technicians will carefully evaluate your property and decide which of our bonded treatment plans is right for you, so your home will be protected now and in the future.

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