Brown Dog Tick

Brown Dog Tick

Brown Dog Tick Information


Brown Dog ticks are typically about ¼” long, however, they can measure up to ½” in length, after it has experienced a blood meal.  These ticks are dark brown, with a tint of red, and are solid in color.

Brown Dog Tick

Location and Behavior Patterns: 

The Brown Dog tick, also known as a Kennel tick or a Pantropical Dog tick, is most common in environments that have warm weather.  They have been known to transfer diseases to humans, such as; Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, among others.  These ticks and many other ticks can survive several months without feeding, and they will feed on dogs, cats, deer, rabbits, people, and a variety of other hosts.

Brown Dog ticks are typically found in tall grass or on shrubs around your property.  They will attach to a host, such as a dog, and will then enter your home.  Once inside, they will leave the host and find a crack within your home to nest.  A female Brown Dog tick will lay her eggs, and once hatched, you may see hundreds of ticks around the nesting site.  These young ticks, called larvae, will search for a new host.


Patience and commitment are essential when treating for Brown Dog ticks.  Multiple treatments may be needed, in order to eliminate all of the ticks around your home, once an infestation has occurred.  Regular tick prevention of your family pets is very important, as well as regular inspection of your pets, and of yourself, after you have been working in the yard.   

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