Close up termites or white ants destroyed.

Formosan Termite

Formosan Termite Information


There are three different castes of Formosan termites, and each caste is a little different in appearance.  Workers are the small of the group.  They are about 1/8” in length, and they are white in color.  Soldiers are a little bigger than the workers, and they are light brown in color.  The reproductives are the largest of the species.  They are about ½” in length, and they are yellowish-brown.  They also have wings, usually. 

Close up termites or white ants destroyed.

Location and Behavior Patterns:

Formosan termites are a year-round problem, all throughout the state of Florida.  They are considered the most aggressive subterranean termite, simply because they can eat through almost any type of material, and because the population in their colonies can be a significant size.  Compared to the Eastern Subterranean termite, which may have hundreds to thousands of termites in a colony, the Formosan termite colonies can consist of millions (6-7 million) of termites.  They are considered the most destructive termite species in the world.

Formosan termites may make their nests underground, but they can also create a nest that is located well above ground.  Their above ground nests are created from mud, saliva, and feces.


If Formosan termites are suspected within a structure, then treatment should occur as quickly as possible, because a colony of Formosan termites can destroy a structure in a very small amount of time.  Preventative measures are the best treatment against this aggressive termite.  Some ideas include; use pressure treated wood, that is full of preservatives, for building materials, ensure the complete closure of gaps around plumbing pipes and other water carrying systems, and have your property inspected by a professional on a regular basis.

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