Roof rat

Roof Rat

Roof Rat Information


Roof Rats can be large, approximately 12-14 inches in length, from head to tip of tail.  They can be gray, black, or brown in color.

Roof rat

Location and Behavior Patterns: 

Roof Rats are nocturnal, which means they are most active at night.  They are the rat types that is most likely to be seen throughout the state of Florida.  Many people refer to the Roof Rat as the “fruit rat”, because they are attracted to the plethora of fruits that are grown around our state.  During the citrus season (Fall to early Spring), they are particularly bothersome throughout citrus tree fields.

Roof Rats rarely some indoors, simply because they are too large to fit into most buildings.  If they do figure a way inside, they can be very destructive.  They will chew on cardboard, insulation, electrical wiring, and about anything else that is set before them.  They have been known to start house fires, as they chew their way through electrical wires.  They also carry many bacteria that can be harmful to people.


Of course, sealing holes in your building materials is the number one way to keep these Roof Rats out of your home or business.  Limiting the amount of excess garbage and piles of debris around your property can also help to minimize their existence close to you.  A professional pest control technician can set bait traps for Roof Rats that are present on your property.

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