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Thrips are very small, approximately 1-2mm in length.  This tiny pest has a slender body and wings that are fringed along the edges.  There are thousands of different species.


Location and Behavior Patterns:

Thrips are very problematic like mealybugs, especially in gardens and in greenhouses, as they can infest plants and cause great damage to the plant. Thrips lay their eggs on flowers or on plants.  They feed on the plant, by sucking the juices from the plant, which causes stunted growth and affects the health of the plant.  They also scrape the surface of various plants, fruits, or leaves.

Thrips can also infest a home, often brought indoors on houseplants.  Thrips can bite people, but the bites do not typically cause much problem for the person.  There may be a minor irritation on the skin, but no long-lasting effects should be concerning.


Insecticides are effective for treating Thrips.  Pruning the affected plant part is also a necessary treatment.  Remove the part of the plant that has been plagued by a Thrip infestation.  This may sometimes mean removing or replacing the entire plant.  Thrips can leap from plant to plant, or from plant part to another plant part.  For this reason, removing the affected plant is the best method for treatment.

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