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Sri Lanka Weevil

Sri Lanka Weevil Information


The Sri Lanka Weevil is small, approximately ¼” in length.  They have a thin thorax, long antennae, large eyes, a light-yellow head, and spur-like sections along their back legs.  The main part of their body is white, with a few dark markings along their backs.  They are also sometimes referred to as the Exotic Weevil.

Location and Behavior Patterns: 

This type of weevil can be challenging to get rid of, and their population has grown in recent times, especially throughout southern Florida.  They don’t have natural enemies in this territory, so they have been able to flourish.  The Sri Lanka Weevil will feed on a vast array of plants.  The females lay their eggs around the base of a host plant, underneath soft soil, and when the eggs hatch, the young will feed on the host plant, as well.  A sign of an infestation from this weevil can be seen by leaves that are chewed up, and plants and Grassy weeds that are being basically destroyed.


Insecticides do seem to work on treating the Sri Lanka Weevil; however, it is much more difficult to treat the eggs, due to their hidden location.  Persistence and repeated treatments may be needed, in order to rid your affected plants of this Sri Lanka Weevil.

Sri Lanka Weevil