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Field Crickets

Field Crickets Information


Field Crickets are black in color, and are usually about ¾” long.  They have long legs and long antennae, and they are very noisy, as they “sing”, in chorus, with each other.  They also have distinctive, round-shaped heads.

Location and Behavior Patterns: 

Field Crickets live along the ground, often in fields, across lawns, in caves, around plumbing fixtures, and in damp basements.  They are nocturnal, and can be quite bothersome in the late evening hours, as they chant their distinctive noises in unison.  They are not considered dangerous to humans, but can be quite annoying sometimes, with their loud noises.

Once inside, Field Crickets and most pests can feed on fabrics, such as cotton, linen, silk, wool, etc., so they may be destructive, if left for long periods of time.  Outdoors, they feed on plants and grass, which they may consume in large quantities.


They best way to rid your home of Field Crickets is with cricket baits, which can be set up to catch them during their busy, evening hours.  Sticky traps are also an effective way to catch the Field Crickets.  Insecticides can also be an effective way to rid your home, and/or property, of Field Crickets.

Field Crickets