Sedge Weeds

Sedge Weeds

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There are many different types of Sedge Weeds.  A couple of the most common types that are located in Florida are called the Yellow Nutsedge and the Purple Nutsedge.  The Yellow Nutsedge can grow to be approximately 2 feet tall.  The seed head of this type is yellow-green in color, and the roots stay relatively shallow.  The Purple Nutsedge rises to about 1.5 feet tall and has a seed head that has red/purple spikelets.  This aggressive type has many underground roots that link together with other Purple Nutsedges.  Sedge Weeds have triangular stems, unlike grasses, that are round.

Sedge Weeds

Location and Behavior Patterns:

Although Sedge Weeds can look like grass, they can be very difficult to control.  Sedge Weeds can be annual, meaning they may last for only one growing season, or they can be perennials, which means they can last for several years.  This vigorously growing weed has many different types.  Some types will have short roots, while others will create large, creeping root systems, called rhizomes.  The ones with rhizomes are much more difficult to control.

Sedge Weeds will invade grasses, vegetable gardens, flower gardens, plant beds, Broadleaf Weeds.  They will overtake any area, if they are not controlled appropriately.


Herbicides are effective for treating Sedge Weeds.  Manually pulling Sedge Weeds is also effective, but you must pull the entire root system, especially if pulling those with extensive rhizomes.

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