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Nematodes Information


Nematodes are microscopic.  They have unsegmented bodies that are smooth.  They may be clear, light tan, or brown in color. 

Location and Behavior Patterns: 

Nematodes can be found in soil or in water.  They feed on plants, which can be harmful to the plant; however, they also feed on other plant-infesting pests, which can also be beneficial.  There are several different species of Nematodes, and some Nematodes and Mole Cricket etc can be harmful to plants, animals, and people.  They can be the source for certain diseases.

As far as plants are concerned, Nematodes that are feeding on plants can make a plant weak, small in size and inhibit growth, or they can kill a plant. 

Nematodes are sometimes referred to as Roundworms.  They are most active when the weather is hot and dry.


Nematodes can be difficult to deal with, because they are hard to see without assisted visual equipment, and chemicals are not always effective on them.  Your pest control specialist will have a variety of methods that can be used when treating for Nematodes.  One method is called plastic solarization, where the area that has a Nematode infestation is covered in plastic and left for a few days, in order to destroy the problematic Nematodes.  Other methods may also be effective for treating Nematodes that threaten to destroy your vegetation.