Grubs Information


Grubs are approximately ¼” to 2” in length.  They are an off-white color, and they have a tan head.  This beetle larva pest is in the shape of a curved “C”.


Location and Behavior Patterns: 

Grubs feed on grass roots, and they are located underneath the soil.  As they feed on the roots of your grass, sections of your lawn may perish and become brown.  Grubs can cause extensive damage to lawns, flowers, shrubs, and other vegetation around your property.

Grubs are a year-round problem in the state of Florida.  They are not dangerous to people, but they do have a slimy film on their skin that can cause an allergic reaction to some people and animals.

You can identify the presence of grubs by finding thin strips of grass that has died, become brown, or seems spongy to the feel.


Your pest control technician can treat your lawn for grubs and other pests.  It is best to treat them as soon as possible, in order to eliminate them before more eggs can hatch.  They are especially a problem in Spring and in early Summer, so treating your lawn is the best way to prevent grubs from invading your soil.

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