Brown Patch

Brown Patch Fungus

Brown Patch Fungus Information


Brown patch fungus is noticeable by its’ circular shape.  The grass will turn yellow to brown in color, as it will begin to die when the fungus invades the grass blades.  Sometimes, a dark ring will appear to outline the patch, which can grow at an incredibly quick rate.

Brown Patch

Location and Behavior Patterns:

Brown patch fungus usually begins in a small section of the yard, but it can spread very fast.  For this reason, the fungus needs to be treated promptly, once it is discovered.  This fungus is caused by Rhizoctonia, and it is most active in the summer time. 

Brown patch fungus will make the base of grass leaves very weak, which will make the grass blades easy to pull and dislodge from the soil.  Healthy, thriving grass will be more resistant to fungus types, so keeping a lawn that is strong and healthy is a great way to help prevent fungus and others from taking over your yard. 


Patience is needed when it comes to treating Brown patch fungus.  Once treated, it may take several weeks for the fungus to disappear.  Fungicide is the most effective way to treat for Brown patch fungus.  Avoid walking on areas that have this fungus, because it is easy to spread it across the lawn.

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