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Horse Fly

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Horse flies range in length; approximately between half of an inch to 1 ¼ inches.  They typically have green eyes, but may also appear black, and their bodies are dark gray or black.  They have large wings and small antennae that are located at the top of their heads.

horse fly

Location and Behavior Patterns:

Horse flies can be found throughout the state of Florida, and are especially noticeable around areas of water, such as; around ponds, lakes, and swamps.  They are attracted to large figures as a food source, including; horses, pigs, cows, and people.  The female Horsefly will bite, because she requires the protein from blood, in order to provide for her growing eggs. The bites can be painful, and can also be hazardous, due to an allergic reaction that people may have, or the risk of acquiring unwelcome bacteria into your system.

Horse flies can be very aggressive, especially if they are hungry.  They are most likely a problem during the cooler hours of the day, such as in the early morning or early evening, but they are least active at night.


Certain sprays can be useful for repelling horse flies and other flies.  If you would like to learn more about these sprays, or if you have been bitten and would like to learn about treating a horse fly bite, then contact a professional for further information.

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