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Green Bottle Fly

Green Bottle Fly Information


Green Bottle flies are unique in their appearance, because they are a shiny, metallic, green color, and they have large, red eyes.  They also have a pair of iridescent wings that makes their appearance quite distinguishable.  They are considered a medium-sized fly, and are approximately ¼”-3/8” in length.

Location and Behavior Patterns:

This type of fly is common throughout Florida, and is often seen during the hottest time of day, on a sunny afternoon.  Outdoors, they are attracted to the carcass of a dead animal, or on decaying matter, such as; trash in a garbage can or on animal feces.  Indoors, they are attracted to trash, bright lights (such as a lamp or a window), and also to decaying matter.  If you see an abundance of Green Bottle flies, all at the same time, then you may have a dead animal in, or around, your home.


If you suspect an infestation of Green Bottle flies that have appeared due to a dead animal, then removal of the carcass is the best way to get rid of the flies.

Additionally, any surface where the Green Bottle flies have landed, should be thoroughly cleaned, because the flies carry a lot of germs and bacteria that may be harmful to humans.  Otherwise, this type of fly does not bite people or animals.

Fly traps or insecticides may be helpful in getting rid of this type of fly in, and around, your property.

Green Bottle Fly