Fruit Fly

Fruit Fly

Fruit Fly Information


Fruit flies are very small, approximately 1/8” long.  They are tan in color, and usually have a light white or gray underbelly.  They have distinctive red eyes.

Fruit Fly

Location and Behavior Patterns:

Fruit flies can be seen year-round throughout Florida, and may be more noticeable during harvest season, because they are particularly attracted to fruits and vegetables.  They are sometimes referred to as “vinegar flies” because they are also attracted to vinegar-based items. 

Like other flies, they can be found flying around fresh or decomposing fruits/vegetables, around trash cans, dirty dishes, food crumbs and/or drink spills, and around a number of other places where food is prepared.  They are also attracted to standing water, and other moist areas, because their larvae need moisture to develop.

They spread bacteria quite easily, because they are constantly landing on items that are decomposing or unsanitary.


The most effective treatment for Fruit flies is to remove the rotting fruit, or vegetable, that has attracted them, or if they are seen around fresh produce on your counter, then place the produce inside the refrigerator.  All produce and/or surfaces that have had Fruit fly activity, should be cleaned thoroughly before consumption.

For massive infestations, contact your pest control specialist for further information.

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