Surinam Roach

Surinam Roach

Should You Be Concerned With Surinam Roaches?

Surinam roaches don’t cause the same problems that many of their roach cousins do. In terms of harm to humans, there is virtually no threat as these roaches do not transmit diseases like so many other roach species. Actually, the primary concern with Surinam roaches is more economic in nature.

Surinam Roach

Identifying Surinam Roaches

Surinam roaches average about ¾ of an inch in length, with shiny, dark brown or black heads and bodies. Their wings are light colored, though not every Surinam roach has wings. These roaches are considered burrowing insects, as they prefer to shelter under soil outdoors and in potted plants. You may find them in your yard, or they will also take up residence in greenhouses or nurseries. As mentioned, Surinam roaches do not pose any great health risks for humans. The main concern with these roaches is the damage they can cause to plants and landscaping. Because of their burrowing nature, Surinam roaches are known to destroy plants by damaging their root systems. It can be expensive to replace damaged plants, especially exotic varieties that are grown in greenhouses.

Are They In Florida?

Yes. Surinam roaches can be found throughout Florida all year long. They cannot tolerate cold weather for long periods of time, and may seek shelter indoors during a cold snap

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