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Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket Information


Yellow Jackets are black and have yellow stripes on their bodies.  They are approximately ½”-1” in length. 

Location and Behavior Patterns: 

The nest of a Yellow Jacket will start off small, usually in early Spring, with one queen, and will build as the summer progresses.  It may reach a startling number of workers, all within the same nest.  Their nests are usually located in the ground, in holes that were previously rodent nests, among piles of wood, or may sometimes, be in attics or inside the walls of a building.

Yellow Jackets can be quite aggressive, especially when their nests are disturbed.  Their sting can be very painful, and may cause an allergic reaction in some people.  Medical assistance may be needed at that point.  Yellow Jackets can also eat through wooden structures, and may cause damage to parts of your home.


Due to the danger that Yellow Jacket’s pose to people, it is best to contact a pest-control professional when a Yellow Jacket nest is located or suspected on your property.  Eradication of the nest, entirely, is the best treatment, and a professional will have the supplies and the skills needed to take care of the nest(s) for you.  As a precaution, when you are outdoors, be aware of random Yellow Jackets flying around, especially close to the ground, because a nest may be in very close proximity.

Yellow Jacket