mud dauber

Mud Dauber

Mud Dauber Information


The Mud Dauber is usually about 1” in length.  They are mostly black in color, and have light-colored markings on their legs and on their thorax.  They appear long and thin, especially when compared to other flying, stinging insects.

mud dauber

Location and Behavior Patterns:

Mud Daubers create their nests of mud and the nests are often located on the side walls of a home, under the eaves, or may sometimes be found indoors, like in a garage or in an attic.  Their tube-like nests are approximately 2-10 inches in length.  Mud Daubers are not protective of their nests, like hornets may be, and they are usually not aggressive towards people or animals.  They may sting if they feel disturbed, but they usually use their stingers only on their prey.


Mud Daubers may be treated with an insecticide, and once the treatment has taken effect, then the nest(s) may be scrapped away with a paint scraper, a shovel, or some other scraping device.  Mud Daubers may return to use the same nest over multiple seasons, so removing the nest is the best way to prevent their return.  The area should be cleaned thoroughly, in order to rid the area of Mud Dauber residue.

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