Honey Bee

Honey Bee Information


The Honey bee is approximately ½” in length.  They are golden-yellow in color and they have dark, brown bands down their bodies.  They also appear to be somewhat “hairy”.

Location and Behavior Patterns:

Honey bees are attracted to flowering plants, because they forage on the nectar and the pollen that is present there.  They typically create their nests in tree holes, or in caves, or crevices, within rock formations.  They have also been known to create their nests in hollows around your home, such as; in an attic, a chimney, a basement, or in a void within a wall.

Swarms of Honey bees are usually nonaggressive towards people or animals, unless they are noticeably disturbed.  If this occurs, then the bees will attack.  Note that a swarm of Honey bees could include hundreds of bees at one time.  Honey bees will sting only once, because the stingers that they have, have barbs that will puncture the skin.  The stinger and the poison will then remain in the skin of the victim.  If that person has an allergic reaction, then medical help may be required.


Because Honey bees can be dangerous to humans, it is best to leave the Honey bee eradication process up to the professionals.  With proper training and equipment, a professional can remove a Honey bee nest, as well as all of the honey and the honeycomb.   

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