Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee Information


Bumble bees are black in color, and they have yellow stripes along their abdomen and their thorax.  They are hairy and are relatively large, approximately 1” in length. 

Location and Behavior Patterns:

The Bumble bee has a reputation for being one of the least aggressive stinging, flying insects, as they do not swarm like some others, and, although they can sting, they will only do so when they feel threatened.  If you are ever stung by a Bumble bee, do know that they can sting multiple times, but their stinger does not stay in your skin.

The Bumble bees usually make their nests in old rodent homes, which are located in the ground.  Sometimes, they will also nest in other protected places, like among piles of firewood, in the walls of your home, or in an attic or basement.   The Bumble bees are attracted to the nectar of flowering plants.  They do make honey, but their honey is not edible for humans.


Bumble bees appear to be robust and very active sometimes, but they are not usually harmful or destructive.  If left alone, they will probably leave you alone; however, a pest control specialist can treat the area around your home with insecticides, when needed.  Preventative measures also include plugging old holes from previous rodents and ensuring a tight seal around the exterior of your home.    

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