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Florida Carpenter Ant Information

There’s no denying that Florida carpenter ants are a nuisance pest, but these small insects sometimes get a bad rap that they don’t necessarily deserve. While their name implies that these ants are fond of wood destruction, they’re actually not. In fact, the Florida carpenter ant isn’t considered one of the harmful species of carpenter ants found in the state.

Identifying Florida Carpenter Ants:

The Florida carpenter ant may vary in color, from black, brown, reddish, or light brown.  They are about 1/5” to ½” in length, typically. Florida carpenter ants are best identified by their habitats, as they prefer to nest in trees and wood. During late spring and early summer, some Florida carpenter ants may be seen with wings, causing them to be frequently mistaken for winged termites.

Problems they Cause

Fortunately for humans, Florida carpenter ants don’t pose any real threats.  They don’t bite or sting, and they are not wood-destroying. Again, many people falsely assume these ants are responsible for wood damage because they often nest in previously destroyed wooden structures. The biggest problem caused by Florida carpenter ants is that they colonize in large numbers and will seek out food sources indoors, making them a real nuisance.


Florida carpenter ants are active year-round in Florida, as they prefer mild temperatures and cannot tolerate extreme cold.

Location & Behavior Patterns Of Florida Carpenter Ants: 

Florida carpenter ants are most active at night, and can be found throughout Florida all year.  They tend to create a main “home” nest, and then they have swarmer ants (flying ants) that forge out to other locations and develop satellite nests.  They are highly-attracted to dead, or dying, wood, such as; tree limbs, tree trunks, or stumps.  If found indoors, the main nest will need a source of moisture, in order to survive for long periods of time. 

Although they are attracted to dead wood, they do not actually eat the wood.  They just excavate the wood, in order to make their home.  Their location may be noticeable by small piles of sawdust along wooden structures.

How To Get Rid Of Florida Carpenter Ants: 

Carpenter ants are not harmful to people, but they can be destructive to your property; therefore, professional treatment of this type of ant is highly recommended.  Locating the main nest is very tricky, because sometimes, the nests are difficult to reach.  For example, a Florida carpenter ant colony may be high up in a tree, somewhere in the attic, or deep in a crawlspace.  Locating the satellite nests, and treating them directly, is the most effective form of treatment for this problematic ant. If you need help, contact us today!


What Are Flying Ants?

Flying ants are not a distinct ant species but rather a developmental stage shared by all ant species. Flying ants, often known as “alates,” are sexually mature male and female ants. These ants leave their nests to reproduce. These winged species are safe, particularly during mating.

What Are The Little Ant With Wings?

These winged ants are often referred to as alates, swarmers, or reproductives. Ants with wings have antennae bent into elbows, narrow waists constricted at the thorax, and hind wings smaller than their front wings. This helps to differentiate them from termites, which are another type of insect that produces winged individuals.

Are Flying Ants Harmful?

Even though carpenter ants can gnaw through wood and cause property damage, flying ants are not typically considered harmful. They do not have a higher propensity to bite, and they do not produce venom. They are, however, a nuisance, and one swarm of flying ants can result in an entire colony of ants invading your home and surrounding area.

Why Are Winged Ants In My House?

Flying ants are attracted to damp wood and an abundance of moisture; therefore, you should ensure that your home has no leaking pipes, drains, or loose or missing roof shingles. Be alert for them because they have been known to create colonies in dry places, such as false beams and hollow doors.

Are Winged Ants Termites?

Swarmers, often known as flying termites, have wings precisely the same length on both the front and the back. On the other hand, ants have elbowed antennae, squeezing their waists. The color of their bodies can range from black to brown to a ruddy crimson.

Are Flying Ants The Same As Normal Ants?

Flying ants are just regular ants with wings. We often encounter female black garden ants swarming in search of food. 

How To Get Rid Of Flying Ants In My House

To eliminate flying ants, fill a spray bottle with one liquid dish soap, two parts water, and several drops of peppermint oil. Shake the bottle well before using. After giving the bottle a quick shake, spray the flying ants wherever you find them. The soap will cause the insects to get dehydrated, and the peppermint oil will cause them to suffocate.

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