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Elongated Twig Ant

Elongated Twig Ant Information

The elongate twig ant isn’t your average ant. These insects are considered fairly large (by ant standards) and they come equipped with a stinger that can cause serious pain when used on humans.

How to Identify Elongate Twig Ant

Elongate twig ants range in size from 5/16 of an inch to ½ inch. Their coloring can be red or brown, and many of them are bi-colored or multi-colored. These ants have a wasp-like appearance that give them a more threatening look, and this is even more pronounced on adult ants that have wings. Elongate twig ants also have stingers that have been known to be quite painful.

Problems they Cause

The elongate twig ant causes surprisingly little damage to people and property. Other than their painful stings, they are not a threat to humans, and they do not destroy ornamental plants or crops. However, there have been reports that elongate twig ants may take up residence in homes, nesting inside doors and other wooden structures.


Like most other ant species, elongate twig ants thrive in warm weather and cannot handle extreme cold. These ants are active during all seasons in Florida.

Elongated Twig Ant