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At Florida Environmental Pest Management, we are leading sports turf West Palm Beach specialists. We provide quality lawn service turf programs for many types of demanding lawns that require very specific care, including Zoysia, Paspalum, Bermuda lawns, and more. For residential lawns, football fields, and other sports properties, the lawn services of Florida Environmental Pest Management will ensure that the turf is in top condition and outshines all surrounding properties.

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Florida Environmental is leading the industry as sports turf specialists in West Palm Beach. They offer quality lawn service turf programs for Zoysia, Paspalum and Bermuda lawns, to name a few. These grasses are very demanding and take very specific types of care. Whether it be your own personal home or a football field of turf, Florida Environmental Pest Management’s premier lawn services will ensure that your property is the best looking one around! Types of Turfs:

-Zoysia: This turf has many different types within it’s family. Empire and Diamond being some of the more popular grasses. -Paspalum:  This is very similar to zoysia turf in that it is very salt tolerant, and so, is used regularly on ocean front properties. -Bermuda: 419 and Celebration Bermuda are your most common types. These grasses are very common on sporting fields. -St. Augustine: Very popular grass in South Florida. It is a little easier to maintain than the grasses listed above. -Bahia: This grass is used along a lot of roadways. It is very resilient.


Zoysiagrass is a perennial turf grass with many types within the family. The more popular zoysiagrasses are Empire, Cashmere, Geo, and Diamond.

  • Geo is a fine-bladed grass with a deep green color. Among the most beautiful turf grasses for landscaping, it has shade tolerance in the good to excellent range. Geo is a leading choice for residential lawns and golf courses, since it is extremely wear tolerant.
  • Empire grass is dark green and medium-bladed. It is resistant to chinch bugs and requires less mowing and chemical applications than other zoysiagrasses. Wear tolerance is very good and it has good shade tolerance and very good drought tolerance.
  • Cashmere zoysiagrass thrives in marl, sand, clay, and rock, which is a description of typical South Florida soil. It has density, color, and texture similar to Empire grass, but Cashmere isn’t stiff or bristle-like.
  • Diamond Zoysia is the logical choice for putting surfaces and golf course tees. It is maintained with very low mowing height and has excellent tolerance of high traffic and low-light conditions. It has early spring green-up, and it retains fall color better than most other zoysiagrass types.


Paspalum turf is similar in many ways to zoysiagrass, in that it is very salt tolerant. It is often the choice on oceanfront properties. Most common types of paspalum turf are Seashore and Platinum TE.

  • Seashore Paspalum is an excellent quality turf over a variety of mowing heights. It is perfect for recreational venues such as golf courses and athletic fields. It has medium-to-fine leaf texture and outstanding turf density.
  • Platinum TE turf has an exceptional dark green, shiny color and very fine leaf texture. It has superior low light intensity tolerance and rapid rooting and establishment from springs.


Bermuda grass for lawn, turf, and pasture is one of the most popular of the warm season grasses. It is easy to plant from sod, grass plugs, or seed. Bermudagrass is reliable for providing durable, beautiful grass lawns that are traffic-tolerant. It is a perennial grass that thrives in South Florida. These grasses are ideal for all types of sporting fields. The most common types of Bermuda grass are: 419, Sunturf, Tifgreen, Princess 77, Sahara, Yukon, Riviera, and Celebration Bermuda

St. Augustine

St. Augustine is salt tolerant turf, and it is a very popular grass in Florida. It grows on a variety of well-drained soils. Maintenance is a little easier to maintain, compared to grasses listed above. Common types of St. Augustine are: Floratam, Delta Shade, Raleigh, Palmetto, Bitter-Blue, Seville, Floralawn, Delmar, and Sapphire.


Bahiagrass is a low-maintenance grass that forms a deep, extensive root system. It is better than other types of grass in sandy, infertile soils. High inputs of water and fertilizer are not required. This grass is used along many roadways, and it is very resilient.

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Florida Environmental Pest Management is the place to call for a sports turf West Palm Beach lawn cared for by specialists. There is spectacular potential in your sports turf West Palm Beach, and we will bring out the very best in your turf’s outstanding features.

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