Lawn and Ornamental Diseases

Brown Patch Fungus is the most common type of lawn and ornamental disease West Palm Beach. It is most active during the winter. It is very easily identifiable due to the brownish-orange rings in the yard that pop up very quickly. Preventative and corrective fungicide applications are very important to help keep this disease from spreading.

Dollar Spot Fungus is brownish-orange in color and is about the size of a silver dollar. This is usually an issue in zoysia, bahia, and paspalum grasses. This is caused by a lack of nitrogen available to the lawn.

Leaf Spot Fungus causes spotting on leaves of many different types of plants. These spots are caused by excessive moisture and poor air circulation. Fungicides can be applied to prevent future outbreaks.

Fairy Rings are rings of very dark green grass with fungi usually present. Typically, this is caused by decaying organic matter below the surface (old tree stumps).

Treatments are limited, but available.

Root Rot is a disease that causes plant roots to rot. This will cause leaves to drop, chlorotic leaves, and sometimes white fungi at the base of the plant. Most root rots effect plants and trees, however, there are some types (take all root rot) that can cause massive amounts of damage to turf grasses. Root rot can be hard to identify without a professional inspection.

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