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Fertilizing your lawn and landscape is imperative when trying to achieve a healthy & beautiful garden. We understand that fertilizing your property yourself can be extremely frustrating. Most homeowners aren’t trained in how to read the product label, are concerned if they put out enough or too much fertilizer.. It can be exhausting. At Florida Environmental, we make it easy. One of our inspectors will come assess your garden and landscape and determine what nutrients your lawn, plants and trees need to thrive. After our initial assessment, we put together a comprehensive program to keep your garden happy and healthy.

What do we fertilize?

If it grows in the ground, we fertilize it! We have over 25 custom blended fertilizers that we utilize to ensure your plants get the correct nutrients, guaranteed!


What Fertilizer We Use And Why We Use It

The Reason For Custom Fertilizer Programs

The soil on your property can be completely different from many others in your own neighborhood. In fact, experts say that the State of Florida has eight of the 12 soil types found throughout the country. At Florida Environmental, we not only assess your soil type but cross reference that with your plant material and their specific needs.

Types of fertilizers we use:

  • Quick Release Granular Fertilizers
  • Nutrient Enriched Fertilizers
  • Slow Release Fertilizers
  • 100% Organic Fertilizers
  • Liquid Fertilizers

Lawn, Ornamental, & Tree Fertilization Programs

Florida Environmental Pest Management offers year-around fertilization commitments. You can choose between monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly service. There is really no other way for a lawn to exhibit superior care than with a customized lawn fertilization West Palm Beach plan that continues throughout each season. We lay out a schedule that will ensure a lawn has stunning curb appeal all year long. You never have to worry about the materials used, since our products are eco-friendly. Our lawn care equipment is exceptional, as well. The following is more information about fertilizers we use:

  • Enriched fertilizers are brimming with the vital nutrients needed for each particular lawn, including nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus.
  • Nutrients provide maximum benefits because they are slow-released, to sustain your lawn for weeks after fertilization.
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