Lawn maintenance is essential for maintaining a beautiful and healthy yard. In South Florida, there are many pests and weeds that like to make your lawn their home. This can be damaging for your entire lawn and garden. Fortunately, there are efficient and eco-friendly solutions to care for your Florida lawn and garden in West Palm Beach. Here are three benefits of lawn and ornamental spraying that can keep your yard functional and beautiful.

Keeps Pests Away

Warm weather attracts a variety of bugs and insects that can make their home in your lawn. In addition, some of these pests can bite or sting your family and pets. These include grubs, ticks, fire ants, fleas and more. Ornamental spraying can keep these pests away so your family can enjoy your lawn.

Disease Control

In humid climates, lawns become vulnerable to different types of diseases. Mold, yeast and even mushrooms are all common causes of these diseases that can damage your lawn. If you see brown patches or other aesthetic issues on your lawn, it may be infected. Fortunately, eco-friendly solutions can control these diseases to keep your lawn and yard healthy.

Weed Control

Weeds are an very common cause of frustration for home owners. Nutsedge and broad leaf weeds can destroy healthy lawns by soaking up all of the soil nutrients. For this reason, lawn and ornamental spraying is essential.

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Everyone wants to experience the benefits of a healthy and beautiful lawn. Contact Florida Environmental Pest Management to care for your Florida lawn and garden in West Palm Beach. With treatment such as lawn and ornamental spraying, your family will be able to enjoy a beautiful and healthy lawn year-round.