Subterranean Termite Control

Subterranean termite control West Palm Beach is so important, especially since these termites are very prevalent in South Florida. They never sleep, working 24 hours a day 365 days a year and homeowners insurance does not cover termite damage. so preventative treatment is mandatory.

Myths about Subterranean Termites:

  • Termites cannot effect my new home.- Termites can start a colony at your home on any given day if it is not kept on an annual treatment program.
  • Concrete block homes do not get termites.- They will attack any wood in a CBS home that may have any moisture readily available.
  • You only need to treat for termites once.- Once a treatment is done for termites once, a yearly inspection must be done to ensure that termites do not reinfest the home.
  • If I had termites, I would see them. – It can take up to 3-4 years before a swarm appears in your home after initial time of infestation.

Florida Environmental Pest Management offers a Liquid Defense Treatment for subterranean termite control West Palm Beach. This treatment is a “trench and drench” approach for treating termites. This can be used for a preventative or reactive treatment. This method works up to six times faster than any baiting method. A small trench is made around the exterior of the home and a termiticide is applied to kill any existing colonies by reaching a killing the queen. Thereafter, an annual bond renewal inspection will be performed to ensure that the home stays termite free.

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