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Fire Ant

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Most people have heard of fire ants, and most of these folks associate a painful sting with this type of insect.  This is because the fire ant can deliver very painful stings when disturbed or threatened – in fact, it’s their most notable characteristic!

fire ants

How To Identify Fire Ants: 

Fire ants can be found in a variety of sizes; typically, from 1/8” to ¼” in length.  They are reddish brown in color. They live in large colonies usually found outdoors, though they will occasionally access indoor spaces such as homes and other buildings.  Outdoor nests are identified by their flattened mound shape, and they are often located near foundations or in landscaped areas.

Location & Behavior Patterns: 

Fire ant mounds are usually easy to spot, because the dome-shaped mounds are usually noticeable in size.  However, some fire any nests may be hidden underneath mulch, pine needles, and other debris around the yard.  Fire ants that have made it indoors, usually through cracks in the foundation, can often be found along the edge, or underneath, the carpet.

If you spot fire ant mounds, or if you suspect the presence of fire ants, then immediate action should be taken to warn others about the ants, as well as action in the treatment of them.  Fire ants will attack any person, pet, or any other animal that bothers their nests, and the attack can be very painful, and even deadly, to some.  The venom that fire ants have can produce instantaneous pain for the receiver, and medical attention may be required, especially if you have an allergic reaction.

Problems they Cause

With fire ants, the primary concern is not property damage. As mentioned, these ants cause painful reactions when they sting or bite, often as a result of their nest being disturbed. Following a sting, red, inflamed welts form, followed by painful pustules.  People allergic to the venom of a fire ant will suffer even worse reactions.


Fire ants prefer warm, sunny areas.  When weather extremes occur, these ants move deeper into their nest, where temperatures and moisture conditions are more moderate. In Florida, active fire ant colonies can be found year-round.

Treatment For Fire Ants

Fire ants can be found throughout Florida all year long.  Regular inspections of your lawn are highly recommended, as well as regular treatment of the fire ant nests, once they are discovered.  This type of ant tends to create multiple ant mounds in close proximity to one another, and they will often reinvade an area, even after they have been discovered.  Staying alert for fire ants is also highly recommended. Contact Us Today For Help

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