Cigarette beetle

Cigarette beetle

Cigarette Beetle


The Cigarette beetle is an oval-shaped beetle, and it is approximately 1/10” in length.  They are yellowish-brown in color, and adult Cigarette beetles are very strong flyers.

Cigarette beetle

Location and Behavior Patterns: 

As you might have guessed by their name, Cigarette beetles are attracted to tobacco products, including areas where tobacco is grown, processed, and/or stored.  In addition to tobacco products, they can also be found in dry items, such as; pet foods, flour, cereals, coffee beans, herbs, spices, nuts, and other similar products. 

A female Cigarette beetle can lay as many as 30-40 eggs, over a period of a few weeks, and the larvae will begin to feed on items that are in close proximity.  They are most active in the Spring and Fall, as well as in the early evening hours and on cloudy days.  


As with most infestations that are found in edible products, once an item has been affected, you must discard of the item(s), due to safety regulations and concerns.  Inspection of tobacco and dry storage foods is recommended, as well as participating in preventative measures, too.  Storing dry foods in plastic containers, with tight-fitting lids, is highly recommended, in order to prevent the beetles from entering the space.  Also, thoroughly cleaning an area, once it has been affected by Cigarette beetles, is very important, in order to ensure that all remaining beetles are gone.      

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