Leaf Hopper

Leaf Hopper

Leaf Hopper Information


Leaf Hoppers are small.  They can grow up to ½” in length.  They vary in color, and can be seen as green, brown, or gray.  Leaf Hoppers are usually wedge-shaped insects.  They have wings, so they are able to fly.  They also “hop” from one plant to another, or from one plant section to another plant section, thus earning the name Leaf Hopper.

Leaf Hopper

Location and Behavior Patterns:

Leaf Hoppers can be found on various grasses, plants, shrubs, and trees.  They are often located underneath leaves, or on the underside of leaves.  They feed on the sap of various plants, and their presence can be identified by white spots or striplings along the surface of the leaves.  Affected plants with a lot of Leaf Hoppers that have infested the plant, can cause severe damage.  Plant leaves may turn yellow, curl along the ends, or drop off of the plant.  The plant may also experience a stunted growth.

Leaf Hoppers are very active insects, and treating them as soon as possible will protect your plants the most.  Although they can bite people, it is a very rare occurrence.


Insecticides are effective for treating Leaf Hoppers.  Applying insecticides should be done carefully, on top of the plant leaves, as well as underneath the leaves.  Also, be certain to treat each leaf, from the top of the plant to the very bottom.

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