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The name “ground pearls” can be very deceiving, because they may look like a real pearl, but they are not pleasing and peaceful like the jewelry.  Instead, they can wreak havoc on your lawn, and it might take them years to do it, and for you to take notice of their destruction.  Ground Pearls resemble small, real-like pearls.  They are a whiteish-pink pest that is located in a white, waxy sac, similar to the appearance of a pearl.


Location and Behavior Patterns: 

Ground Pearls are usually embedded in the soil surface, feeding on the sap of grasses and plants.  They can be found in many different types of grasses.  Their invasiveness will make patches of grass look like it is in a drought, because the Ground Pearls will deplete the grass blades of moisture.  This process may take several growing seasons before it is recognizable to the property owner.

Late Spring and early Summer is the time when female Ground Pearls will lay up to 100 eggs.  This is a good time to treat for Ground Pearls and other pests.


Some insecticides will work better than others, as far as treating for Ground Pearls.  There may even be a combination of insecticides that will be most effective.  Sometimes it is difficult for the chemicals to penetrate the waxy covering of the Ground Pearl sac.

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