Cuban Roach

Cuban Cockroach

Cuban roaches, also known as green roaches or green banana roaches, are not your typical cockroach. Their green coloring gives them a unique appearance, and their preference for outdoor living makes them far less of a nuisance than most of the other cockroach species found in Florida. In fact, most people don’t consider this roach to be a nuisance at all.

Cuban Roach

Identifying Cuban Roaches

Identifying Cuban roaches is fairly easy, due to the bright green coloring of adult roaches. Apart from their distinctive shade, these roaches are fairly large at around two inches long. They have six legs, antennae, and wings. They are good fliers and are often attracted to light sources. Adult Cuban roaches usually stay in tree canopies, while juveniles – who are brown in coloring – live on the ground. You can compare them to other types of cockroaches here.

Should You Worry About Cuban Roaches?

Cuban roaches are actually not a problem roach. In fact, many people keep these roaches as pets because of their pleasant coloring and the fact that they are harmless to humans. They don’t bite or sting, and they rarely come indoors and are not known to transmit diseases.

What do Cuban cockroaches eat?

Much like any other cockroach specie, Cuban cockroaches are omnivores and scavengers. They are capable of eating just about anything they find. However, rather than finding clean food, they’d eat rotten food and other dead animals. They also have a sweet tooth and are usually drawn to the sweet smells of fruits, soda, and starch.

How to prevent Cuban cockroaches from entering your home

Usually, Cuban cockroaches don’t enter the house. However, they can be drawn to the light inside your home or to fruits and other sugary products. You will also find them in your garden in you plant fruits. So, to prevent them from getting into your home or finding their way to your garden, you should ensure to turn off the lights at night and avoid spilling soda or any other sugary substance.

If you do not like their presence in your home, you can speak with a professional exterminator from Florida Environmental, and you can be sure that they’ll be gone for good.


Is Cuban cockroach poisonous?

Cuban cockroaches don’t bite humans and do not pose any poisonous threat. They have no venom and don’t carry diseases like their American and Australian counterparts.

Do Cuban cockroaches bite?

Cuban cockroaches are some of the smallest cockroach species. This means they have way smaller mouths than the others, offering a very tiny bite force that should not scare humans if they bite. However, they are not known to bite humans or cause any severe damage or disease scare.

Are Cuban cockroaches invasive?

Cuban cockroaches are invasive, just like other cockroach species. Once you find one, there’s the likelihood that you will find more. As long as there is a food source in your home, they might just be lurking.

How long do Cuban cockroaches live?

Cuban cockroaches can live for up to 20 months if their life is not cut short by anything. From the egg stage to the adult stage takes around ten months and from the adult stage to death takes another ten months.

Do Cuban cockroaches fly?

Much like any other cockroach specie, Cuban cockroaches are fast, strong fliers. However, unlike other cockroach species that rarely fly because they’re always indoors, you will often see the Cuban cockroach flying as they try to escape predators.

What are the signs of a Cuban cockroach infestation

If you have plants in or around your home, you might want to check for insect bites and holes. Cuban cockroaches are usually found where there are plants and fruits to eat. You may also find them on spilled sugary drinks.

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