Pyramid Ant

Named for the unique pyramid shape on their thorax, the pyramid ant can be found throughout the United States. However, they are most common in the southeastern states, including Florida. These ants usually nest outdoors, so they are rarely a nuisance for most people.

Pyramid Ant | Ant Control

How to Identify Pyramid Ants

The pyramid ant is reddish-brown to black in coloring, with abdomens that are often darker hued. They have slender, twig-like bodies and average-sized antennae. As mentioned, they also have a raised section on their thorax that resembles a pyramid. They do not have stingers and range from 1/16 to ⅛ of an inch in length.

Problems they Cause

Because pyramid ants usually nest outdoors in sunny areas, they are not known as a problem pest for most people. They stay outside for the most part, so structural damage from these ants is highly uncommon. They also feed primarily on other insects, so they’re not associated with food contamination. The biggest threat caused by these ants is that they will bite if their nest is disturbed.


Pyramid ants can be found during all seasons in Florida, where the lack of extreme cold enables them to remain active all year long.

Treatment For Pyramid Ants

Treatment and extermination for pyramid ants is similar to other pest control methods. They can be exterminated by calling a professional! Click here to find more information about other species of ants.

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