Palm Beach Zoo in West Palm Beach, FL: A Wildlife Wonderland in South Florida

Palm Beach Zoo is a captivating wildlife sanctuary and conservation hub located in West Palm Beach, FL. This lush 23-acre zoo offers visitors a close encounter with diverse animal species, providing an immersive experience that educates and inspires. Learn more here.

Zoo Exhibits:

Palm Beach Zoo features various exhibits, including the Florida Wetlands, Tropics of the Americas, and the Safari area, where visitors can observe animals such as jaguars, sloths, kangaroos, and flamingos in carefully recreated natural habitats. Learn more about Visit Palm Beach: Watersports and Hakuna Matata Catamaran Cruises in West Palm Beach, FL.

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Conservation Efforts:

The zoo is committed to wildlife conservation and actively participates in breeding programs for endangered species, helping to safeguard the future of vulnerable animals.

Interactive Experiences:

Palm Beach Zoo offers interactive experiences like giraffe feedings and a petting zoo, allowing visitors to engage with some animals up close and learn about their behaviors.

Educational Programs:

The zoo hosts educational programs and events highlighting the importance of conservation and zoos’ role in protecting endangered species.

Family-Friendly Environment:

With its playgrounds, splash pads, and wildlife carousel, Palm Beach Zoo provides a family-friendly atmosphere that appeals to visitors of all ages.


Palm Beach Zoo in West Palm Beach, FL, offers a captivating journey into the animal kingdom, emphasizing the importance of wildlife conservation. With its diverse exhibits, interactive experiences, educational programs, and family-friendly environment, the zoo continues to be a cherished destination that fosters a deep appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.

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