Palm Beach Zoo: Exploring Wildlife in West Palm Beach

Situated amidst lush landscapes in West Palm Beach, Florida, the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society is an engaging and educational destination, allowing visitors to discover diverse wildlife and conservation efforts. Learn more here.

Wildlife Diversity:

Spanning over 23 acres, the zoo houses more than 550 animals from various continents, including endangered and rare species. Visitors encounter a wide array of wildlife, from Malayan tigers and jaguars to vibrant birds and playful primates. Learn more about Currie Park: A Riverside Oasis in West Palm Beach.

Interactive Exhibits and Encounters:

The zoo provides interactive experiences, allowing guests to feed giraffes, lorikeets, and koalas, fostering a deeper connection with the animal kingdom. Educational shows, keeper talks, and wildlife presentations further enhance the learning experience for visitors of all ages.

Conservation Initiatives:

Committed to wildlife preservation, the Palm Beach Zoo actively participates in conservation programs, supporting global initiatives for endangered species. Through partnerships and educational outreach, the zoo raises awareness about conservation challenges and the importance of biodiversity.

Botanical Gardens and Family-Friendly Activities:

Beyond its animal exhibits, the zoo features lush botanical gardens, picnic areas, a carousel, and a splash area for children, creating a well-rounded experience for families and nature enthusiasts.

Community Engagement:

As a hub for conservation education and wildlife appreciation, the Palm Beach Zoo is a vital resource for the local community, inspiring a passion for wildlife conservation and fostering a sense of stewardship toward the natural world.

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