Henry Morrison Flagler Museum: Gilded Age Opulence in Palm Beach, FL

Nestled along the shores of Palm Beach, Florida, the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum is a stunning testament to the Gilded Age’s opulence and architectural grandeur. Originally known as Whitehall, this magnificent mansion was commissioned by Henry Flagler, a co-founder of Standard Oil and a visionary industrialist. Learn more here.

Architectural Marvel

Designed by architects Carrère and Hastings, the museum’s architecture showcases Beaux-Arts splendor. Completed in 1902, Whitehall boasts 75 rooms adorned with intricate details, opulent furnishings, and exquisite craftsmanship. The mansion symbolizes the lavish lifestyle enjoyed by the elite during the turn of the 20th century. Learn more about Palm Beach Island, FL: A Tropical Paradise of Opulence.

Flagler’s Legacy

Henry Flagler’s impact on Florida’s development is profound, and Whitehall serves as a tangible reminder of his contributions. Originally built as a winter residence, the mansion now houses an extensive collection of art, furniture, and artifacts, providing visitors with a glimpse into the luxurious lifestyle of the Gilded Age industrialists.

Cultural Center

The Flagler Museum preserves history and serves as a cultural center, hosting events, lectures, and exhibitions. Its manicured gardens and waterfront location make it a picturesque destination, attracting visitors keen on experiencing the glamour of America’s Gilded Age.

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