tree beautification

Tree Beautification

South Florida trees such as towering palms, stately fichus, and sprawling live oaks look gorgeous on lush lawns and provide many other wonderful benefits. For tree beautification West Palm Beach that protects trees from disease and helps them flourish, homeowners in southern Florida rely on Florida Environmental Pest Management. Trees are essential for shade, comfort, and a welcoming environment in your outdoor spaces. Maintaining the good health of trees is often a major challenge in the region, unfortunately. Trees common to the area are highly susceptible to being damaged or destroyed by disease and/or insects. The experts at FEPM provide ongoing tree beautification West Palm Beach care and maintenance so that your trees can thrive and provide beauty and shade for many years to come.

Tree Beautification West Palm Beach Services

We specialize in tree beautification West Palm Beach at Florida Environmental Pest Management, and it’s a job we take pride in. Our expert technicians spend months learning about trees typical to South Florida as well as the diseases and insects that the trees are vulnerable to. FEPM tree beautification West Palm Beach experts know how to recognize problems, such as signs and symptoms of tree disease.

Our approach to tree beautification West Palm Beach begins with careful inspection of your trees and their current health condition. We make note of any problems that may be evident, such as an infestation of weevils or other insects or issues with fungus or fertility. FEPM experts then prepare a customized treatment plan that will resolve any problems plaguing each tree and restore the trees to health.

A specially formulated root drench treatment is used, and it includes fungicides and fertilizers that promote growth and reestablish health. The formula is injected directly into the root system for rapid absorption and maximum effectiveness. Follow-up visits are made to assess the tree’s condition and determine whether more treatments are necessary. For palm drenches, bi-monthly or quarterly visits are commonly scheduled. One-time application is not recommended.

In addition to helping your trees thrive, we can also provide expert advice about the overall health of your lawn and other ornamentals. Other parts of your lawn could be affecting the trees.

The Best in Tree Beautification West Palm Beach

Although there are many threats to trees in South Florida, the experts at Florida Environmental Pest Management have the knowledge, skill, and expertise to achieve tree beautification West Palm Beach. The advantages that trees provide include:

  • Savings on utilities, if trees shade your home
  • Increased property value
  • Improved air quality
  • And less stress, when you look at them for 5 minutes per day, according to one study

Examples of Problems that Affect South Florida Trees

Ganoderma Butt Rot

Palm trees make for iconic Florida landscaping; but a long-time disease has been making the news in the past year, due to widespread destruction. Ganoderma butt rot affects all palms and palm-like plants and also destroys conifers and hardwoods as well as softwoods. There is no known cure, and the disease is easily spread through wind-blown spores and contaminated soil. There are various species of the disease, including Ganoderma zonatum. The easiest way to identify a diseased tree is by spotting conks, which are white lumps that grow on the tree and then mature into brown woody brackets. Trees that are infected with this disease need to be removed as quickly as possible. Expert handling is recommended, since the soil is also infected. For many homeowners in South Florida, tree beautification West Palm Beach begins with getting rid of diseased trees.


Pine trees are susceptible to webworms. Pine seedlings 1 to 2 years old are most susceptible. The insect causes loss of growth, though it is uncommon for a tree to die from an infestation of webworms.

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