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House of Refuge Museum: A Historic Landmark in Stuart, FL

Situated on Hutchinson Island in Stuart, Florida, the House of Refuge Museum is a testament to maritime history and the significance of coastal rescue efforts in the late 19th century. Learn information about Stuart, FL.

Historical Significance

Constructed in 1876, the House of Refuge was one of ten structures along Florida’s coastline designed to aid shipwreck survivors and provide shelter and supplies. It served as a beacon of hope for distressed sailors, offering refuge, sustenance, and a haven. Discover facts about Stuart Heritage Museum: Preserving Stuart’s Rich History.

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Architecture and Preservation

The museum’s architecture, with its quaint coastal charm and sturdy construction, reflects the era’s architectural style. Painstaking preservation efforts have maintained the structure’s authenticity, allowing visitors to step back in time and experience maritime history firsthand.

Exhibits and Educational Offerings

The museum houses a captivating array of exhibits and artifacts, showcasing the area’s maritime heritage, rescue operations, and the lives of the keepers who staffed the House of Refuge. Guided tours and educational programs offer insights into the historical significance of this landmark and its role in coastal preservation.

Community Engagement

The House of Refuge Museum is a historical site and a community hub, hosting events, workshops, and lectures, fostering an appreciation for local history and maritime culture among residents and visitors alike.


The House of Refuge Museum stands proudly as a reminder of Stuart’s maritime past, preserving a crucial chapter in Florida’s history and serving as an educational beacon for future generations.